dance NUDY is an artistic photographic process that supports mental healing (i.e., love)  through touching the pain of mature experiences.

NUDY is foremost a forgiveness philosophy. Next, it is defined as: (verb) the photographic act of changing one’s mind to love’s compassion through (noun) use of a changed re-authored nude image and sometimes applied to (adjective) a written or verbal story/monologue. 

​To dance NUDY is to share one’s NUDY for the purpose of giving healed strength (i.e., compassionate forgiveness) after the dancer’s own acceptance of such. 

​To be a dance NUDY Patreon patron is to be a BUILDER. You are building a financial foundation for the worldwide teaching of NUDY. You are building a not-for-profit dance NUDY teaching studio — meaning you are supporting mental healing in the arena of mature nude experience…re-authored~!!!

​{{{and one day, perhaps sooner than we can imagine, you will be witnessing the ultimate dance NUDY performance you helped build…moving choreography}}}

​Amelia Energy is an artist who works with words, photos, and spiritual law to give as dance NUDY ~ Amelia Energy authored NUDY philosophy yet she did not author herself. Love is the only author and authority of what is real.